Pretending : AES, D750, Girl, India, Poland, Polonia, Varsavia, Warsaw Luca in Action : D750, San Casciano Al Bar  In un bar di Bomarzo : Bar, Bomarzo, D750, Newspaper, Old Man At the Bar  In un bar di Bomarzo : Bomarzo, D750
Driving : Farmer, Italy, Old Man, San Casciano ai Bagni, Trattore, Tuscany, country Friends  Two young beduins : Beduins, Friends, Kids, Urghada Hand by Hand  Un figlio che ti prende per mano : D750, baby, black & white, cute, father, hands, small, sweet Khan el-Khalili : Khan el-Khalili, market
Luli : B&W, D750, Luli, OnOne, b/n, bianco e nero, black & white, black&white Old Italian farmer : Farm, Old Farmer, San Casciano ai Bagni, Wise, black & white On the Beach : Beach, Chia, Silhouette, black & white, sea Oplà  Maria Paola : D750
Peace of Mind : D750, Hills, Italy, Peace, San Casciano, Tuscany, black & white, contemplating, panchina, park bench The Accordion Player : Accordion, Clown, Gipsy, Player, hat, pagliaccio The Stockfish Dealer : D750, Italy, Norway, Norwegian, Stockfish, beard, black & white, dealer, fish, market